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Wildlife Rehabilitation Education Network (WREN)

What is a BETA class?
A BETA class is a "trial" course. This was the price that the WREN classes were offered at durring the development phase. NBRR is still offering the WREN course at the BETA pricing due to our tremendous need for wildlife rehabilitators. BETA students will be required to purchase their own books. Books are not required for the course, and may be purchased on an as needed basis. Ultimately, you will want to own the books chosen for these courses. BETA sudents will also be required to sign a photo release. Pictures and video captured durring class may be used in teaching/marketing material. You will also be asked to fill out a survey on the course. The BETA class is the same course syllabus as used in the regular class, and BETA students will have priority registration on all future classes.
Do I have to have a license/permit to be a wildlife rehabilitator?
Yes. All states have some permitting requirement to allow the general public to hold, house, or rehabilitate wild animals. Since each state is different, our program is designed to comply with NWRA and IWRC. Each state's permitting requirements will be different. Our Texas Parks and Wildlife liaison will contact permitting offices for out of state students to ensure understanding of your state's permitting requirements prior to taking any courses here at NBRR. Out of country students will be handled similarly as the need arrises.
Do I have to take this course to get my permit?
No. NBRR is not a permitting entity. We are an educational facility dedicated to the TEACHING of wildlife rehabilitation. We do not make laws. Our goal at NBRR is to offer each state, country, or province an accepted program of instruction that they may choose to use as one of their permitting options. We are in no way trying to replace other tried and true methods of certification or permitting. NBRR stands highly behind the belief that all educatioin programs hold value, and no one program is the answer. We highly recommend, and for advanced students, require membership in both the NWRA and IWRC. We highly encorage all students to seek out any and all forms of education available to them in their area. Wildlife rehabilitation should be approached as a journey without a final destination. While we here at NBRR feel that the WREN project is the most comprehensive rehabilitation education program in the United States, by no means should it be considered your final education stop! NBRR is a darn good starting point though!
Do I have to take the Basics and Advanced course to get my certification?
No. There are some folks who simply want to be small level rehabbers who work with high volume species. We need you the most! The WREN basics class is designed for people who can commit to working with these animals every year out of their homes. WREN Basics students will mainly be taught to work with opossums, squirrels, and rabbits. the reasoning for this is simple. These three species are the majority of animals that are admitted into rehabilitation. Infact, the individual volumes of these three species are more than all others combined. These species also carry little to no zoonotic diseases. the risk to you, your family, and your pets is extremely minimal. Lastly, many people who are interested in wildlife rehabilitation want to work with orphaned animals. Most orphans are only going to require basic care, and more serious cases can easily be transfered to someone in your network.
Can I take the Advanced course online?
No. The Advanced course will never be offered online. The purpose of this class is to throw you, the student, into the hands on, high volume field of rehab. This is in essence, a crash course in wildlife rehabilitation. The things you will learn by actually working in the field can not be replaced by an online equivilant. As we grow, advanced courses will be taught in other locations across the USA. At the moment, the course is only offered onsite.
I have been a rehabber for years. Can I skip to the advanced course?
No. While NBRR has the utmost respect for any individual who has been in the program for any length of time, the WREN basics course is to help standardize the practice of wildlife rehabilitation and to develop networks as you go through the program. More importantly, we want you! If you are a working/permitted rehabber, and you have attended our basics and our advanced courses, through approval by our aplication process, you may be invited to participate in our trainer course to further develop your skills and bring the WREN project back to your area with you! We will pay you to teach what you learned, exactly as you have learned it here!

Visitation and Touring

Do you run tours of your facility and at what times?
No, we are not certified for touring. With the amount of animals we rehabilitate and return to the wild, it is not financialy viable at this time.
When am I allowed to visit my pet?
Visitation of the animal you surendered to us can be setup by appointment only, provided the visitation doesn't cause excessive stress to the animal. This allows us time to prepare the animal for the visit.