The Wildlife Center at Crosstimbers Ranch
 The Wildlife Center
at Crosstimbers Ranch
 A 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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It is the Mission Statement of The Wildlife Center at Crosstimbers Ranch to help injured, orphaned, sick, displaced, and unwanted wildlife return to the wild by developing and maintaining an infrastructure of trained and certified* wildlife rehabilitators and multi-faceted support mechinisms to ensure their success.

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*Certification not yet required in the state of Texas

Due to the nature of the work we do, in the interest of keeping the wild in the animals we work with, this facility is not open to the public. We are open by appointment only.

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The Wildlife Center at Crosstimbers Ranch is home of three groups, working together, dedicated to
improving the practice of wildlife rehabilitation across America. First and foremost, WCCR houses the
FIRST National and International School for Wildlife Rehabilitation.

The WREN (Wildlife Rehabilitation Education Network) Project is the reason that the Wildlife Center came to be.  The WREN project is the most comprehensive education program available to the general public in the United States today.  It has been developed to be run at pre-approved existing wildlife centers around the nation and eventually the world.

The goal of this group is to maintain a program that can smoothly transition from state to state and provide a proven and accepted wildlife rehabilitation education program that offers multi-faceted benefits for centers, permitted rehabilitators, for people wanting to learn the accepted and proper techniques for working safely and effectively with wild animals, for wildlife departments and for the general public.

Students at the school work with all of the groups on site and have the opportunity to learn all aspects of wildlife rehabilitation in a guided hands-on method that allows each student to become comfortable and experienced with all species that they might run across while rehabilitating in their own homes.

Second, we house one of the busiest rehabilitation centers in Northeast Texas. The Wildlife Center is dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of native Texas wild animals. We work very closely with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Animal Services Departments all over Northeast Texas, Law Enforcement, and the general public. We are proud to say that, due to our reputation, animals have come to us from all over the state and have been successfully released back to the wild.

Third, WCCR also houses the National Bobcat Rescue & Research Foundation dedicated to the rehabilitation and understanding of these elusive animals.  Behavioral studies and disease epidemiology is at the forefront of the funded  projects at this time.

In time, we hope to move the bobcat rescue to a secluded site near the ranch where we can truly study them the way they were meant to be.